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We’re Sweden-based experts on wellbeing determined to deliver the best and most useful solutions for psychosocial risk management

Our beginnings

High sick leave rates, conflicts, losing talent…

RECILIO was born out of a deep understanding that mental health issues were being downplayed, despite the alarming increase in sick leave due to mental illness, lost talents, and wasted efforts, as well as money due to ineffective psychosocial risk management.

With expertise in Work and Organisational Psychology, we talked, listened, and discovered a shared intention among industry leaders to improve work environments and tackle issues head-on, but a lack of tools to make it happen effectively.

Our solution

Where science and practice blend together

PSRM system for systematic and sustainable psychosocial risk management

The intention to improve the work environment for more people was the seed that eventually became RECILIO – a start-up that gives leaders the tools to create prosperous workplaces.

Today, our simple yet powerful platform provides step-by-step, complete action plans for mastering workplace challenges.

No matter what your organisation needs, our work is always led by our values

We are psychologists at heart and we genuinely care about your personnel’s mental health.

We create high-quality products that are based on the most recent research.

We continuously adapt our solutions to be effective and practical when solving real-world concerns.

We believe in constant improvement, both yours and our own, which is why we prioritize open communication and honest feedback in both directions.

We are dedicated to developing products that produce sustainable results.

Our team

We are an international team with broad experience in the work environment, innovation, and change management. RECILIO is our contribution to creating increased social sustainability through prosperous workplaces and employees.

RECILIO exists to help create

A healthy workplace for everyone,

We are reinventing psychosocial risk management

Become a part of the future we are building

Today, RECILIO helps organisations make psychosocial risk management impactful, profitable, and less overwhelming. Join us and create a healthy workplace, regardless of where you are.