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Frequently asked questions

Programmes are tailored to the size of the team, ensuring its effectiveness.

In all RECILIO material, there is a section in which we explain and describe how and which labour laws are being satisfied using that specific material.

As mandated by Swedish law, organisations are responsible for managing psychosocial risks and maintaining a healthy working environment. All RECILIO solutions are grounded in organisational psychology research, making sure your ogranisation actually fulfills labor law demands and improves the working environment.

After completing any of our programmes, you will receive a certificate showing that your organisation is actively working on psychosocial risk management and improving your working environment

Depending on the plan. RECILIO offers a comprehensive range of resources to empower you to independently implement the program. Our plans encompass e-learning materials, detailed checklists, and all the material needed for you the facilitate team exercises, providing clear instructions on every necessary step. However, a facilitator who will do the workshops is always included in our professional plan.

Furthermore, all our professional plans come bundled with dedicated support hours from our knowledgeable RECILIO staff. If you prefer to include RECILIO even as a standard user, there is an option to upgrade your plan accordingly. We strive to accommodate your preferences and ensure a seamless implementation process.

In our solutions, we always aim to include everything you need to feel knowledgeable, fully informed, and ready for implementation.

If you have questions at any point when using our platform and solutions, RECILIO is there to support you and answer all your questions, either using email support (free for all our users) or dedicated consultancy hours (included in the plan for professional users, but can be added for a fee to a standard user too).

We want you to succeed and make the most use of our solutions, so don’t hesitate to contact us as often as you want, by either using the contact form or sending an email to info@recilio.com.

RECILIO is much more than an assessment tool. We provide assessments and analysis because we believe correct identification of the main problem and starting from the data is important. However, our main focus is on giving you practical and simple tools that actually address your needs.

As a professional user, a tailored solution is created uniquely based on your needs. As a standard user, you choose the topics yourself. Even if you choose yourslf, all the material you get within the 1-year subscription is divided by topics. In that way, you can simply implement what fits your needs best at the moment, and learn other best practices.

All RECILIO solutions are based on the latest research within the field of Work and Organisational Psychology, building and improving upon old methodologies. Healthy working environments are the future, and we help you get there. Step by step.

The length of the programme is tailored to the needs of each organisation and work-group. RECILIO staff will work alongside your organisation’s representative to create a schedule that works best for you. Typically, programmes last around 6 – 12 weeks.

Data will be anonymized and stored in servers located in Sweden.

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