What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to improve and make a user’s experience more efficient. The text files contains data that can be stored on the visiting computer. Every now and then, the website will ask for data from the cookies stored on the visiting computer. The website uses cookies in purposes such as for storing settings for how the website should be displayed for the visitor and visitor’s behaviour.

How does RECILIO use cookies?

Recilio uses cookies to improve your user experience. One example of how we do this is by keeping track of the information you give us in the forms on our website. If you give us consent for collecting and storing cookies, this will happen as you move around on or website.

Recilio uses two types of cookies. The first type is a permanent cookie that saves a file on your computer for a longer period of time. This cookie is used for functions such as showing you what is new since you last visited the website. The other type of cookie is called a session cookie. Session cookies are valid only during your visit on our website and is used to, for example, remember if you are logged in or if you have given us information in one of the forms on the website.

No cookies are placed by third party services and no cookies are for marketing purposes.

At Recilio, we treat cookies just as if they were subject to the Data protection Act. This means we treat cookies in the same way as we treat your personal data. We believe privacy is important and will always balance this belief with our aim to create a pleasant experience for you when you visit our website.

Visitor consent

We will ask you for consent before collecting or storing cookies. We do however not collect your consent for cookies that only keep track of the information you have given us in the forms provided on the website, or for our own tools that exist to measure the traffic on our website.

You have the option to go to the secrecy settings in your web browser and change the setting so that it does not allow cookies.

If Recilio starts to use any new types of cookies, we will not spread these to any other party. You will also be informed about the usage of new types of cookies and be given the option to accept or decline the new cookies before they are stored on your computer.

If you decline the usage of cookies you will unfortunately not be able to use vital functions such as logging in or booking a demo on the Recilio webpage.