Legal aspects & standard

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The Swedish Work Environment Authority states that “Terms and conditions for the work, which include social interaction, cooperation and social support from managers and colleagues” is one of six principal aspects of work that should be included in the organisational and social working environment (4§ AFS 2015:4)

7 § AFS 2015:4

The employer should have a clear strategy on how to work towards achieving the goals. Fundamental to a successful achievement of goals is that the strategies are anchored in the top management and in other parts of the organisation.

The strategies can aim to, for example, strengthen and improve communication, learning, leadership, cooperation, influence, and participation (translation from Swedish)

3 § AFS 2001:1

The systematic work environment strategy should be a natural part of the daily activities. It must cover all physical, psychological and social conditions that are important for the work environment (translation from Swedish)

10.3 ISO 45003

The organization should evaluate opportunities to implement changes and give priority to those that have the greatest potential for improving psychological health, safety and well-being in the workplace

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
is one of the main European and international standardisation bodies

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