What is team productivity and what does it look like in a team?

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In the literature, team productivity is defined as following:

the total output in a given period of time – both the amount and quality of work a team completes, as a result of multiplying the individual efforts

Group VS Team

A group

is just a gathering of people

A team

is a group where the individual members of the team are interdependent

A productive team

outperforms individuals because it possesses factors that enhance interdepencence and create synergetic benefits

How do you recognize a highly productive team?

  • members take initiative
  • share creative ideas
  • ask questions
  • interact often
  • share information
  • learn from each other
  • openly discuss errors
  • learn from mistakes
  • have a positive affective state
  • are highly engaged
  • display behaviours that go beyond their tasks
  • are self-confident
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