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Our Health Programmes

Our step-by-step Roadmap

Step 1

Diagnose Your Organisation with Validated Measures

  • Adaptive surveys that are grounded in organisational psychology.

  • RECILIO identifies problems with the help of advanced data analysis and recommends the appropriate health programme to address these issues.

Step 2

Facilitate RECILIO’s Health Programmes with Digital Step-by-Step Guidance

  • Understand the problem at its root by completing our e-learning materials.

  • Conduct workshops with your employees using RECILIO’s group and individual exercises.

Step 3

Gain Access to Valuable Data Analysis

  • With in-depth data analysis, you can see how the health programme has transformed your workplace over time.

  • After reevaluating organisational health, RECILIO provides recommendations for how to proceed.

Step 4

Receive a Certificate Upon Programme Completion

  • Completing the programme satisfies labour law requirements and a RECILIO certificate will prove that.


  • Science-Based
  • Created by professionals
  • Based on labour laWs

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