The link

In the next step within this programme, you will find a link to the questionnaire which you should send out to all employees. It is completely anonymous, and the data will only be analysed on the organisational level, not on an individual level.

How to use this assessment?

This questionnaire is assessing the current situation in your organisation in relation to stress and burnout and will provide you with insights on what exactly you should focus on when you are working on this aspect of the work environment. You don’t need to wait for the results of the assessment to continue working with this programme. Actually, it is recommended that you start as soon as possible. Once you do get the report we encourage you to use the data and insights to enhance your work within this program. This will ensure you systematically target stress and burnout, starting with the most important issues.

When should you send the questionnaire to the employees?

Continuous monitoring is crucial, which is why we analyze the data once a month and publish the reports here so you can track the progress. This means you can send out the assessment to your employees more than once – whenever you want to follow up on the situation! We advise you to do it at least twice: now or as soon as possible, and then after implementing new tools and workshops to which you will get access. Ideally, you should evaluate the situation in your organisation regularly, so you can detect risks early, as well as ensure continuous progress in the right direction.

How will you find out about the results?

Once we have analyzed the data, our report with suggestions will be published in the same section where the link to the questionnaire is. Whenever a new report is published in your dashboard, you will be notified via the notification board and also via the email you registered with.

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