What does science say?

Research found that most organisations recognise some factors that have an impact on team productivity, such as team size, member competencies, and personality, but neglect the importance of synergy among individuals and the benefits that emerge from it.

Teams perform better than individuals

Studies found that team familiarity, which is the average number of times each team member has collaborated with one another, better the success of the project and on-time completion than the total years of experience of individual team members.

Factors crucial for team productivity

Just working with other people does not mean working as a team –> real teamwork involves communication, collaboration, common activities, and acknowledgment of a common purpose.

We organised the topic’s extensive research into four aspects that will determine how successful and productive a team will be.

  1. Psychological safety
  2. Structure and clarity
  3. Dependability
  4. Meaning and impact
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