Section 4 in this programme contains four workshops, all the material needed for each workshop, as well as instructions on how to use them.

Who will use these workshops?

This material is intended for a professional within the organisation, who will act as a facilitator during group exercises/workshops. Each workshop contains instructions for the facilitator and all the material needed for successful implementation, and as a support item, the facilitators can use everything from Section 1 to help them prepare before the actual work with the group/s.

The workshops can be used with as many groups as wanted. Though it is important to divide the employees included into groups of 4-7 people.

Note: The workshops should be implemented in the order that is within the section.

Why workshops?

Dynamics within groups and mental health is an important matter for everyone within an organisation. Providing a safe space and enough time for dialogue in the form of structured exercises boosts the learning process, as well as bridging the gap between knowing differently and doing differently. In addition, if the workshops are led by a manager, the leadership is strengthened and the dialogue is improved. However, it is important that the person leading the exercises acts as a facilitator, not a leader or manager.

To achieve optimal results, curiosity, respect, and understanding should be the backbone that guides the process.

Good luck!

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