Terms of use

This information is aimed at employees of a company that has entered into an agreement with Recilio Scandinavia AB, Sweden, on the use of Recilio Scandinavia’s web-based service to conduct employee surveys and health promotion programs

Company, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, refers to the company which has entered into an agreement with Recilio Scandinavia AB, Sweden, on the use of Recilio Scandinavia’s web-based service to conduct employee surveys and health promotion programs, hereinafter referred to as “RECILIO”.

Where applicable, this information also applies to employees at other companies belonging to the Company’s group of companies, or companies providing services to the Company, with which companies the Company has reached agreement to perform employee surveys. Both employees of the Company and employees of such other companies are hereinafter referred to as “the Employees”.

The use of www.recilio.com is subject to a subscription agreement entered into between Recilio Scandinavia AB and your organisation. To the extent you use the Platform as a customer’s registered user, your use of the Platform is governed by such subscription agreement. Please contact your organisation with any questions regarding the subscription agreement.

1. Background

1.1 The Company’s Purpose, for which it has chosen to use RECILIO, is to actively promote Employee health, increase the Employees’ influence and engagement and thereby improve the Company’s working conditions and business.

2. General

2.1 RECILIO gives you the opportunity to voluntary and continuously provide information about your personal work situation, hereafter called “Response Data”, by participating in employee surveys. The Response Data you provide will be linked to your account at RECILIO and stored in a database. Individual-level data is only available (with the exception RECILIO) to you, provided you handle your account’s username and password with caution.

2.2 The Company may access anonymized compilations (in which individual responses cannot be discerned) of the Response Data on a group and company level, made available to colleagues and management within the Company, in order to conduct the said improvement work within the Company. RECILIO also gives you the opportunity to continuously view your own Response Data.

2.3 To ensure reliability of compilations of Response Data and to protect the individual’s Response Information, no compilations of results is made for groups with less than 3 respondents, or more than 3 if the Company has decided that groups must be larger for responses to be reported. For an overview of the data that is intended to be collected and used, see Privacy Policy on the RECILIO website.

3. Processing of personal data

3.1 Data directly or indirectly attributable to you is referred to as “Personal Data” below. The Company is the Personal data controller for the processing of your Personal Data including Response Data when using RECILIO. Recilio Scandinavia AB is the Personal data processor for the Company and processes your Personal Data on behalf of the Company. In its use of RECILIO, the Company must comply with the applicable Data Protection Rules in the country in which the Company is established.

3.2 You are entitled to receive information from the Company on the Personal Data processing, such as what type of Response Data the Company intends to collect, what Personal Data will be stored, for what purpose and for whom the compilations of Response Data will be made available. The Company is further responsible for that the questions asked are not perceived as an infringement of your personal privacy. Please note that all use of RECILIO is voluntary. The Company or other companies you are an Employee of may not force you to use RECILIO and/or respond to the questions asked.

3.3 Personal Data that Recilio Scandinavia AB processes on behalf of the Company is your first and last name, e-mail address, other such basic information and your Response Data. You also have the option to voluntarily provide a personal profile picture and position data via the RECILIO app. Name and email address and position data will be used to keep in touch with you and ask questions of you at relevant times. Your Response Data will be processed to provide compilations of Response Data as described above. Response Data, in aggregated and anonymized form, may be used by Recilio Scandinavia AB as a basis for business and method development and statistics.

3.4 You may request the Company, at no cost to you, to provide which Personal Data and Response Data is processed by RECILIO. Such requests must be signed by you and sent to the person responsible at the Company, who will send a request to us at Recilio Scandinavia AB. If you feel that the questions submitted through RECILIO are inappropriate or offensive in terms of your privacy, we encourage you to contact the Company’s person responsible immediately (usually the HR Department).

3.5 You always have the opportunity, without giving reasons, to cancel your future participation, and request that your Personal Data be deleted. You also have the opportunity to request correction regarding Personal Data including Response Data stored by Recilio Scandinavia AB. If you wish to discontinue your participation and request that your Personal Data be deleted or corrected, please do so by email to the person responsible at the Company (usually the HR Department), who will then contact Recilio Scandinavia AB for deletion of your information or make corrections. If you cancel your participation and request that your Personal Data be deleted, your Response Data in anonymized form will only be saved for the purpose of not affecting previous compilations, but your account (containing Personal Data) and its link to collected Response Data will be permanently deleted.

4. Cookies

4.1 Recilio Scandinavia AB´s website www.recilio.com contains so-called cookies. According to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act, anyone visiting a site with cookies must be informed that the site contains cookies, what these cookies are used for, and how cookies can be avoided.

4.2 At www.recilio.com, so-called session cookies are used. Session cookies are used to manage your choices on the website, that is, to remember your contact information. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser, while regular cookies are stored for a longer time on your computer. If you do not accept the use of cookies on our site, you can change your browser’s settings to not accept cookies. We refer to the respective browser manufacturers for further instructions. Note that some of the site’s features will not work if you decline to use cookies.

4.3 At www.recilio.com, persistent cookies are also used. These are used to remember information about you to facilitate your future use of the service. For example, to pre-populate your email address (but never password) to facilitate signing in. Personal data stored in such cookies (such as name, email) will be saved for up to 30 days from last use.

5. Intellectual property rights

5.1 Recilio Scandinavia AB, its partners or other third parties own and hold all intellectual property rights to RECILIO, including changes and improvements of RECILIO, including all textual content, images, videos and databases, hereinafter referred to as “Protected Property.” Personal Data and Response Data associated with Personal Data are not included in this. The rights to such data are held by the respective individual and customer/Personal data controller. However, Recilio Scandinavia AB is entitled to retain, use and disclose anonymized Response Data as a basis for business and method development and statistics.

5.2 Changes, reproduction, disclosure, forwarding to third parties and/or use of Protected Property without the prior written consent of Recilio Scandinavia AB or other parties concerned are expressly prohibited.

6. Employee´s Responsibility

6.1 You are solely responsible for any data that you upload or provide when using RECILIO and that you have all the necessary rights to do so. Do not provide personal data as part of free text or comments to ensure that we can easily remove personal data from our users when required.

6.2 You are responsible for that you have the technical equipment and software required for use of RECILIO, such as Internet access, browser, email, mobile phone, etc.

6.3 You may not use RECILIO for purposes other than those mentioned in 1.1 above. This includes that you may not: (i) disseminate or use the data you access on RECILIO for other purposes; (ii) provide Response Data that may be considered offensive or inappropriate; (iii) affect RECILIO in such a way that its availability and/or function changes, or (iv) use RECILIO in violation of the usage instructions that may be provided to you from time to time.

7. Other

7.1 Recilio Scandinavia AB may modify this information from time to time, for example, to make functional changes or to reflect legal requirements. You may find current information at www.recilio.com.

7.2 As part of your use of RECILIO, you will receive emails from Recilio Scandinavia AB. Emails Recilio Scandinavia AB sends include, for example, notifications about questions, summaries of your results, information about your account, or news updates. If you no longer want to receive email from Recilio Scandinavia AB, there is a link at the bottom of any email that you can use to discontinue email from Recilio Scandinavia AB to you.

7.3 Recilio Scandinavia AB follow international industry standards, guidelines and ethical codes provided by ESOMAR for the survey industry. See more about this at http://www.esomar.org/