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Improve the well-being of your organisation – Start today!

If you want to take immediate action to improve the well-being of your organisation, we are offering a limited time opportunity for a member of the RECILIO staff to conduct the health programme on your behalf at a discounted price!


Improve Employee Health and Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Middle-sized businesses lose over €1,000,000 each year due to the costs of sick-leave and productivity loss alone – not including costly employee turnover and increased accident frequency.

Implement Effective and
Actionable Solutions

RECILIO provides a comprehensive digital solution, from survey administration and action plan development to training and health programme implementation. This enables your organisation’s leaders to handle everything internally with digital professional guidance.





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What HR experts say

This programme is exactly what we are looking for. Right now, we only have an assessment tool that does not offer us a clear way forward.

HR Manager, Sweden

Frequently Asked Questions

No, instead RECILIO provides everything you need to carry out the health programme on your own, including e-learning materials and step-by-step instructions for workshops.

Programmes are tailored to the size of the team, ensuring its effectiveness.

As mandated by Swedish law, organisations are responsible for maintaining a healthy working environment. After completing a RECILIO programme, you receive a certificate proves that your organisation has satisfied this requirement.

Trainers will have access to e-learning materials, presentation slides and scripts, as well as support from RECILIO staff.

RECILIO programmes are based on the latest research within the field of Work/Organisational Psychology, building and improving upon old methodologies to increase effectiveness. Additionally, RECILIO consistently re-tests your organisation to see where improvements have been made and where more attention needs to be paid in the future.

The length of the programme is tailored to the needs of each organisation and work-group. RECILIO staff will work alongside your organisation’s representative to create a schedule that works best for you. Typically, programmes last around 6 – 12 weeks.

Data will be anonymized and stored in servers located in Sweden.

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