Meet RECILIO’s PSRM system

We are reinventing psychosocial risk management (PSRM). Everything from continuous assessment and AI-generated action plans, to training and implementation. All within one system.

How it works

The first step is to correctly identify and analyse all psychosocial risk


The work begins with an assessment of your current situation. We look at things such as sick leave, rehabilitation, and employee surveys.

Then, we use AI to analyze the material and based on the results, a customized programme is created. The program usually runs for 6-12 weeks and the scope is adjusted based on the needs of the organisation.


During the programme, the development is carried out through RECILIO’s platform, which is the hub of your psychosocial work-environment efforts.

In this phase, you as a leader, HR professional, or manager are guided step-by-step and provided with materials in the form of workshops, checklists, employee surveys, and follow-ups.

To ensure long lasting effects, it's importan to monitor and maintain healthy work environment


When the program is completed, you decide how to continue your work environment efforts in the future. Through the platform, you receive an analysis of the program’s effectiveness and recommendations on how to proceed.

Since the challenges in work environment efforts constantly change, RECILIO’s platform always provides an opportunity for further development.

Complete work environment management in one system


All work is documented in RECILIO’s platform, which makes it easy to follow up and ensure that the work is carried out.


With the help of machine learning, there is a constant follow-up of the programme’s effect and updated reports.


As always, all material is based on the most recent scientific findings, and in line with legal requirements and standards.

Get certified

Show off what an amazing employer you are!

After completing the programme, you can download a certificate that shows how exactly psychosocial risk management has been carried out in your organisation.

Certification after managing psychosocial risks in your organisation

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