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From data insights, e-learning courses, and support to workshops and concrete action plans: Our platform includes everything you need to systematically and effectively drive the difference you want to see
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How does RECILIO’s platform help you take action?

Our service empowers you and your team with five simple steps to assess, understand, and proactively address topics that impact your organisation’s wellbeing


During the mapping phase, we dive deep to understand your current state of psychosocial work environment, mental health, and your organisation’s risks and opportunities. Through surveys, data insights, and tailored tools, we will create a full overview of your organisation’s current state and challenges. Based on that we will then create a customized plan that is sure to address your team’s unique needs.

This stage is included in some of our plans. If you are interested in knowing more about the support you can get, contact us!

No more wasting time, effort, and money on uninspiring managerial training! Learn about the causes and factors that shape your organisation, supported by rigorous scientific studies and in-depth academic research in bite-sized e-learning courses. Explore diverse insights on our learning platform and receive valuable guidance to navigate team challenges and excel in leadership.

We’re here to equip you with the materials and tools needed to drive growth within your organisation on all levels. With our materials, you as a manager, or HR professional will be able to take action and effectively manage psychosocial risks and opportunities. The materials include checklists, info-handouts, workshop plans and scripts, team activities, actions plans, and informative presentations around various psychosocial topics, such as engagement, productivity, and stress and burnout.

RECILIO is committed to supporting your ongoing growth and development. We keep you informed and inspired with regular updates on new studies, trends, events, and engaging team activities. Our aim is to provide a constant stream of information that fuels your growth and sustainable development.

Throughout all stages, we will be right by your side, offering valuable support and guidance. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and provide hours of dedicated consultation to ensure your doubts are addressed. Count on us to be there every step of the way, ensuring your success, as well as peace of mind when dealing with psychosocial risk management.

Become a Psychosocial Wellbeing Expert

Dive into some of our scientifically grounded, highly effective, and diverse topics

Employee engagement Guide for employers, leaders and managers

Employee Engagement

Stress & burnout Guide for employers, leaders and managers

Stress and Burnout

Leadership Guide for employers, leaders and managers


Communication Guide for employers, leaders and managers


Team productivity Guide for employers, leaders and managers

Team productivity

Suicide prevention Guide for employers, leaders and managers

Suicide Prevention

Group dynamics Guide for employers, leaders and managers

Group Dynamics

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