Simple plans, big effects

Our subscription-based plans provide the simplicity needed for systematic and effective work environment management. Which plan best aligns with your organisation’s needs?

1 year access

Equip your managers, leaders, and HR professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a healthy and engaging work environment.

  • 4 online learning courses/year

  • Managerial and organisational checklists for each topic

  • Workshop materials and scripts for each topic

  • Program evaluation reports

  • Email support

  • Free resources

  • Facilitator dashboard

  • Certifications


1 year access

Harness the power of business data, tailored programmes, and industry-leading resources to propel your organisation to new heights.

Includes everything in Standard plus:
  • Business data insights

  • Dynamic wellbeing survey (up to 8 times/year)

  • 8 tailored online learning courses/year

  • Facilitator Certification Assessment for Professional Development

  • Yearly risk management reviews on team level

  • 4 hours expert consultation


Coming soon

Experience a virtual well-being system that offers cutting-edge tools, business insights, real-time monitoring, and specialized workshops and certifications.

Includes everything in Professional plus:
  • Cost calculation tool

  • Unlimited dynamic wellbeing surveys

  • Managerial proficiency tests for risk management and diverse psychosocial subjects

  • Unlimited online learning courses

  • 10 hours expert consultation

  • Program success manager

  • Webinars

  • Skill profiles

Looking to gain a deeper understanding of feature elements and how our plans are structured?

Why choose RECILIO


From survey administration and training to a step-by-step action plan.

Legal Compliance

Fulfills labour law demands, while boosting your organisation’s performance.


All RECILIO material is science-backed and grounded in Work & Organisational Psychology research findings.


All material is divided by specific topics so you can implement exactly what your organisation wants to focus on.


Streamline your efforts and focus on what matters most, while we provide you with practical, tangible tools and proven strategies.


We are aware of how challenging managing psychosocial risks can be. Even though all our material is based on science, it is made easy to understand.

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